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Active adult lifestyle communities provide a distinct living experience for today's active 55+ adults. There are other advantages, such as low-maintenance living in a resort-like setting. Let's look at the benefits of living in an active adult retirement community.

Low-Maintenance Residences

Community Member

As a board member, you want what is best for your community, while also being a constant resource for other homeowners. Being a good member requires dedication, balance, and common sense.

Adult yoga

Active adult communities thrive because of their members’ activity groups and social clubs. When selecting an active adult community, it’s important to keep in mind what type of activities you like to participate in and search out the communities that offer those services.

Your community’s residents have already adopted technology in almost every aspect of their lives. Between their homes, cars, and smartphones, they are becoming more comfortable with successfully using technology. Research shows that 72% of U.S. adults have been active with technology and used social media.

Everyone wants to enjoy the community pool during the hot summer season, but this year everything looks a little different.

LifestyleLink Amenity Management Overview for Community Admins

The heart of an active adult community is its amenity center. LifestyleLink allows you to create amenity resources such as locations and rooms at your community, and make them available for reservation – including group and private events. Our conflict management system makes sure nothing gets double-booked.

Quick Tip for Residents: Signing Up for Ticketed Events

Not every event in your neighborhood can be open to your whole active adult community. Sometimes space restrictions or costs can create exclusive opportunities for those who lucky enough to get tickets. But that doesn’t mean you need to stand outside your community manager’s door in the dark and the cold. With LifestyleLink, you can sign up for ticketed events any time through your resident portal.

Buying tickets or reserving your seat at community or club events is easy with LifestyleLink. Today’s quick tip explains how to sign up for events.

Quick Tips for Residents: Setting Communications Preferences

Active adult communities bring together neighbors with a variety of life experience and comfort with technology. Whether you are a whiz with a smartphone, or want to keep things simple, LifestyleLink allows you to customize your communications preferences so you won’t miss important information or get overwhelmed with notifications.

Community managers can spend hours every day on facility management tasks like scheduling events and selling tickets. LifestyleLink automates many steps along the way, allowing admins at active adult communities to create and manage facility amenities online quickly and easily. That way your residents and group leaders can see what’s happening, reserve rooms and other amenities, and sign up and pay for events without taking up any of your time.

Make the Most of Your LifestyleLink Community Forum

Active adult community managers are always on the lookout for ways to bring their residents closer together. LifestyleLink comes with the ability to create your own online community forum and discussion groups. How you use them is up to you.

Your LifestyleLink Community Forum Gives Valuable Resident Feedback

No office administrator wants to deal with unhappy residents. But even if 80% of your residents are happy – or even excited – about a new facility, feature, or service, the 20% who aren’t will be the ones you hear about through traditional channels.