Quick Tips for Residents: Setting Communications Preferences

Active adult communities bring together neighbors with a variety of life experience and comfort with technology. Whether you are a whiz with a smartphone, or want to keep things simple, LifestyleLink allows you to customize your communications preferences so you won’t miss important information or get overwhelmed with notifications.

Set Up Your Contact Information and Privacy Preferences

Lifestylelink allows you to customize the way you receive notifications from your homeowners or condo association, the community facilities staff, and your neighbors. You can set your notification preferences by going to your LifestyleLink Resident Dashboard. Click on the gears icon to the right of your profile block on the left side of the page.

Here you can edit your contact information and adjust your privacy settings to choose how your information will be displayed in the community directory. You can upload a picture, so neighbors will recognize you, and add important contact details.

If privacy is a concern but you still want to stay connected to your neighbors, you can check the box to use a personal contact form. Residents will be able to email you through the LifestyleLink directory, while keeping your email address hidden. Remember that some special users, like your facilities managers and community administrators, will still be able to contact you if you disable the personal contact form.

You can also check a box to be included in the community directory. This will allow neighbors and new friends to find you among a list of members, so you won’t feel left out of the loop. It adds your profile information to the directory, but it will not include your phone number. You can provide both your Home and Cell phone privately or choose to list those in the directory as well.

Setting your Notification Preferences

Below the Contact settings, you will see a section for Notifications. This area of allows you to control how you receive notifications for any of the various communications shared over LifestyleLink. For each type, you can choose to receive notifications by:

  • Email
  • SMS text message (if you provided a valid cell phone number in the contact information above)
  • Both
  • None

You can set notification methods for each kind of content separately, so you won’t get overwhelmed with notifications you don’t need. Just use the drop-down menu under each notification type to set your communications preferences.

Be sure to also set up how you want to receive emergency notifications. In the event of an emergency related to your community, you may need to be contacted regardless of your other notification settings. You can choose whether to receive these important messages by email, text message, or both. However, you are not able to silence these emergency messages entirely. This will allow your active adult community staff to warn you about weather emergencies, evacuation notices, and other crucial information you won’t want to miss.

Using Your Community Directory

When you changed your contact information settings, it adjusted what your neighbors will see in the community directory. If you want to use that directory to find others in your community, click on Directory on the top of your Dashboard. This will take you to a list of residents along with their address, phone number, and email options, based on their own communications preferences.  

You can email a resident directly through LifestyleLink by clicking on the envelope icon in the Directory. This will bring up a personal contact form. Simply add your name, email, subject, and message. Click send and your email will be delivered. You can also choose to receive a copy yourself at the email address provided. Any replies will be sent directly to your email address as well.

You can also search the directory using any part of a resident’s name or address. This lets you find out who your neighbors are and connect with community members you met at recent facility events.

By using the LifestyleLink communications preferences, you can stay as connected to your neighborhood as you want to be, without getting buried in unwanted emails and text messages.

LifestyleLink is an easy-to-use web solution that makes it simple for residents to communicate with each other and their community administrators online. It is available to active adult communities across the country. With three tiers of features, your active adult community can customize the software to fit your needs, and your facility. Contact a LifestyleLink representative for a tour of the software.

LifestyleLink Quick Tip: Communications Preferences