Make the Most of Your LifestyleLink Community Forum

Active adult community managers are always on the lookout for ways to bring their residents closer together. LifestyleLink comes with the ability to create your own online community forum and discussion groups. How you use them is up to you.

Your LifestyleLink Community Forum Gives Valuable Resident Feedback

No office administrator wants to deal with unhappy residents. But even if 80% of your residents are happy – or even excited – about a new facility, feature, or service, the 20% who aren’t will be the ones you hear about through traditional channels.

LifestyleLink’s community forum gives you a space to request resident feedback and makes it easy for them to respond. You can pose questions, host surveys, or even invite residents to download and complete questionnaires, all from the comfort of their laptop or mobile device. By lowering the hurdle to providing feedback, you will encourage people who are happy with your decisions to speak up and let their opinions be heard.

Event Calendars Make Sure Members Know What’s Going On

The event calendar is an important part of your LifestyleLink community forum. It puts all the weekly, monthly, and one-time-only offerings of your active adult community together in one place. Because the event calendar is fully searchable, residents can find an activity by time, location, or interest area. That means you’ll see a better return on the hard work your staff and volunteer facilitators do putting together events.

To make the most of your event calendars, make sure your group leaders, facilitators, and staff all have the appropriate permissions to create and share events in your community forum. Once your event is created, you can use your community forum to announce the offering and invite residents to RSVP or purchase tickets right there online through the secure residents’ portal.

Discussion Groups Help Facilitators Connect with Community Members

One of the most customizable parts of your LifestyleLink community forum is the discussion group interface. Your staff and volunteer leaders can create, curate, and manage discussion groups within the forum that are targeted at particular groups or subsets within your community. You can set discussion groups to be public or private, enable photo galleries, and share files. All of this makes it easy for facilitators to connect with community members and help them lead active adult lives.

A LifestyleLink community forum can take your active adult community’s online presence to the next level. By engaging residents through forum postings, event calendars, and discussion groups, you and your staff will be able to stay close to residents and better understand their needs. LifestyleLink is available to active adult communities across the country. With three tiers of features, you can customize the software to fit your needs, and your facility. To give your group leaders the tools they need to engage your members, contact a LifestyleLink representative for a tour of the software.