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Quick Tip for Residents: Signing Up for Ticketed Events

Not every event in your neighborhood can be open to your whole active adult community. Sometimes space restrictions or costs can create exclusive opportunities for those who lucky enough to get tickets. But that doesn’t mean you need to stand outside your community manager’s door in the dark and the cold. With LifestyleLink, you can sign up for ticketed events any time through your resident portal.

Buying tickets or reserving your seat at community or club events is easy with LifestyleLink. Today’s quick tip explains how to sign up for events.

Loneliness is a dangerous thing for older adults. Many members of active adult communities use the facilities and their neighbors as resources to fight off loneliness and stay connected with neighbors and friends. LifestyleLink can help by providing an easy-to-use way to stay connected with your neighbors and your active adult community.

Active adult communities thrive because of their members’ activity groups and social clubs. LifestyleLink makes it easy to create an online source for all your group’s resources. It all starts with creating a group or club on your LifestyleLink residents’ portal.

LifestyleLink is a one-stop tool for active adult community residents to keep up with everything happening in their neighborhoods. From special interest groups and clubs to daily activities, clubs, and online discussion groups. Find out how LifestyleLink can help you get the most out of your active adult community.

You’re hosting your family reunion, or throwing your spouse a birthday party. Maybe you are having all the grandchildren over at once, or want to host a dinner party for some neighbors. Whatever is on your social calendar, sometimes you will want to take advantage of your active adult community’s facilities for your own private events. LifestyleLink makes creating private events easy through your online member portal.

How Your Active Adult Community Can Give You a Healthy Fun and Safe Summer

Empty-nesters and older adults are giving up their big suburban homes in the suburbs in favor of structured active adult communities. These facilities have many amenities that can make your life more fulfilling. Find out how you can take advantage of what your active adult community has to offer and have a healthy, fun, and safe summer.