Using Technology to Improve Your Community Management Efficiency

Your community’s residents have already adopted technology in almost every aspect of their lives. Between their homes, cars, and smartphones, they are becoming more comfortable with successfully using technology. Research shows that 72% of U.S. adults have been active with technology and used social media. So, why is it so difficult for people to have a similar rate of adoption within the association space?

Active adult communities resist change for a number of reasons including fear of the unknown, resistance to changing their existing habits, as well as an overall lack of communication about the benefits of new technology. What they may not realize is that they are making their lives more difficult by not embracing enhancements within the community management tech space.

Help Your Management

Managing too many tools is a huge inefficiency. Community administrators can spend countless hours updating their various systems when residents move in and out of their associations. Additionally, managers spend dozens of hours per month on the phone with residents as well as handling in-person issues and requests. Using everything from spreadsheets to printed lists and various email addresses to manage all your community needs is not only frustrating, but also ends up taking hours that are better used in areas.

We already know how much money, time, and energy is wasted on a monthly basis by not having a software system in place. However, the biggest hurdle to new technology implementation is often getting your homeowners to jump on board.

Help Your Homeowners

If your residents don’t have 24/7 access to important community information and documents, they rely solely on reaching out to management. With a community portal, important information, events, and news are showcased and available at any time.

Recently, the need for online communication has become even more critical for your residents. Communities that are subjected to natural disasters like hurricanes and tornados need these communication tools in case of emergencies. With COVID-19, the need for access to communications, and even online payments is extremely important. The safety of managers and homeowners is a top priority. Your LifestyleLink portal ensures social distancing measure can still be observed and homeowners still have access to all information needed, as well as way to pay online and avoid having to worry about mailing checks or coming to the community office.

It’s understandable that community management may be nervous when asking homeowners to create new accounts and try something new. However, the immediate benefit your community portal provides to your association is worth the little bit of a learning curve. By communicating and educating homeowners about these benefits, your entire community can advance and grow.

Collectively, both management and residents are facing inefficiencies by not adopting technology within their communities. Your communities can get started with LifestyleLink and easily streamline processes today! Curious about how we can help bring technology to your communities? Contact us today!