Fostering Connectivity Among Homeowners

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Management, board members, and homeowners are all struggling to remain linked these days. It's impossible to say when all communities would feel comfortable holding in-person meetings and activities, so connecting the group now is much more critical... Read More
Community Member

Communicate Effectively as a Board Member

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As a board member, you want what is best for your community, while also being a constant resource for other homeowners. Being a good member requires dedication, balance, and common sense. There is a fine line between being active and involved,... Read More
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Groups and Clubs Bring Your Community Together

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Active adult communities thrive because of their members’ activity groups and social clubs. When selecting an active adult community, it’s important to keep in mind what type of activities you like to participate in and search out the communities... Read More

Using Technology to Improve Your Community Management Efficiency

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Your community’s residents have already adopted technology in almost every aspect of their lives. Between their homes, cars, and smartphones, they are becoming more comfortable with successfully using technology. Research shows that 72% of U.S.... Read More