Fostering Connectivity Among Homeowners

Management, board members, and homeowners are all struggling to remain linked these days. It's impossible to say when all communities would feel comfortable holding in-person meetings and activities, so connecting the group now is much more critical.

Although some communities may not meet in person, there are a few tactics you can use to build a sense of community while holding these activities online.

Provide Communication Tools

 • It is important to provide effective communication tools in any culture. Problems may occur when homeowners do not receive up-to-date and consistent details. Today's apps, such as community portals, will help boards and homeowners communicate more effectively and have more productive health discussions.

Provide a Welcoming Environment

• It's difficult for homeowners to remain involved in the future of their neighborhoods if they don't actively engage. Strengthen these bonds by fostering an inclusive atmosphere that encourages all homeowners to participate.

Facilitate Virtual Events

 • Use virtual group events to foster a sense of belonging! Annual association meetings and group zoom calls are examples of these activities, which will help homeowners get the face-to-face contact that has been lacking in the past year. As a boss, you may want to consider sending out weekly newsletters via email. You will provide updates and potential participation opportunities in these emails.

LifestyleLink provides more ways to stay connected! You'll reinforce the ties within your group now and in the future if you can interact regularly and clearly, cultivate virtual interactions, and build an inclusive atmosphere.

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