Software That Makes Community Management Easier

As a community manager, you recognize the importance of technology in the successful operation of your community. Providing residents and Board members with the most up-to-date technology should be a priority. You have a pulse on what the community wants and needs, and many active adult community residents have already adopted technology in almost every aspect of their lives. They are becoming more comfortable using technology between their homes, cars, and smartphones. LifestyleLink is the ideal community management tool: a web portal that provides a single source to keep residents engaged, informed, and connected.

Community Management Tools for Staff

Having to use multiple systems, such as spreadsheets, printed lists, email distribution lists, and a myriad of third-party solutions, is inconvenient and wastes time that could be better spent elsewhere. For example, when members move in and out of their communities, community administrators need to enter the same information into each of the multiple systems. Many communities have to hire additional staff just to handle the data management while managers spend dozens of hours every month on the phone with residents and dealing with issues and requests in person.

You already know how much money, time, and energy is wasted each month due to the lack of a unified software system, but getting your homeowners on board is frequently the most difficult part of using new technologies. LifestyleLink offers a streamlined solution with a simple onboarding process for both staff and resident users. One login to the portal gives them access to all your community content.

A happy community is well-informed and educated. By leveraging the LifestyleLink web portal, you can demonstrate the true value you provide to homeowners by keeping them up to date on any news, events, activities, and information they need to know about their neighborhood. In addition, residents can create and join groups and clubs specific to their interests and reserve amenity locations for private events.

Community Tools for Homeowners

Essential to your community's success is the relationship between management and homeowners. Consistent communication helps facilitate that relationship. When individuals move into a community, their first step is familiarizing themselves to find their place within the association. A community portal is an excellent resource for new homeowners. LifestyleLink can serve as a place to get answers to common questions, explore the community calendar, view detailed documents, and connect with neighbors via groups and community discussions.

COVID-19 has made online communication even more important for your residents. The managers' and homeowners' safety is a primary priority. LifestyleLink enables you to organize events with social distancing and other safety measures, as well as contactless payment methods.

Residents rely primarily on contacting management if they don't have 24/7 access to vital community information and documents. But with the LifestyleLink portal, important announcements, events, and news are displayed on their dashboard and are accessible at any time. In addition, communities in the path of natural catastrophes such as hurricanes and tornadoes have communication capabilities in the event of an emergency.

When asking homeowners to learn a new system, it's natural to feel some trepidation about how they will receive it and adopt it. LifestyleLink has been designed specifically for active adult communities, and we have a great support team to help you set it up. The immediate value that your LifestyleLink portal gives to your whole community is well worth the investment. Curious about how we can help bring LifestyleLink to your neighborhood? Contact us today!