Amenities Management

The heart of an active adult community is its amenity center. LifestyleLink allows you to track facility usage, identify event booking conflicts, display setup configurations and create reservation terms and fees.

Amenities Management Features

  • View utilization of amenity locations at a glance
  • Enable reservations for private events
  • Set reservation fee
  • Events remain in a pending state until a community administrator approves the reservations and terms

Easy Event Planning - Never Double Book an Amenity Again

When creating recurring events, the amenity conflict resolution system identifies conflicts and allows adjustment of the specific conflicts, even when booking multiple amenities to an event. Easily view available amenity locations when creating events, and adjust event details to ensure the amenity is booked.

Set up and cleanup times can be built into each event, this ensures amenity spaces are ready for your next event. Customize your amenities with images and descriptions, such as available layouts, for better event visualization and planning.