Event Management

Community Software for Streamlined Event Management

Active adult communities can have hundreds of events every month. Managing event locations, registrations, setup and resources is one of the most important responsibilities of community administrators.

LifestyleLink Event Management Features Include:

  • Residents can pay for event tickets online by credit card or eCheck
  • View financial reports of event revenue
  • Create recurring registration events
  • Assign clubs or groups to events
  • Add administrative notes that are visible only to community staff, such as setup configurations

Plan Events with Ease

Creating community events is a breeze - choose your date, time, and location for the event and schedule it all in one place. If it is a ticketed event you can set a date and time for ticket availability, limit the number of tickets available, send notifications to event registrants and track registration information. 

When creating recurring events, the amenity conflict resolution system identifies conflicts and allows adjustment of the specific conflicts, even when booking multiple amenities to an event. Easily view available amenity locations when creating events, and adjust event details to ensure the amenity is booked.

Set up and cleanup times can be built into each event, this ensures amenity spaces are ready for your next event. Customize your amenities with images and descriptions, such as available layouts, for better event visualization and planning. 

Administrative Control

The intent of LifestyleLink's event mangement system is to save community staff time by enabling group leaders to schedule their own events and request amenity reservations. However, this does not mean that staff do not control each aspect of the event creation and management. When group leaders create events, they are in a pending state until approved by a community administrator. The administrator has the ability to reschedule events, change venues, cancel registrations and determine whether residents can cancel their own registrations.