Community Covid Compliance

In light of Covid-19, both today and tomorrow's requirements for health and safety continue to evolve. We understand that your community’s events, amenities, and public spaces require new considerations to keep your residents protected.

As stated in the CDC guidelines that cover active adult communities, we understand administrators must determine how to execute COVID-19 recommendations and make adjustments to meet the unique needs and circumstances of their specific community. We know you are working on an implementation that is guided by what is feasible, practical, acceptable, and tailored to the needs of your residents. LifestyleLink can help you plan, communicate and manage your Covid compliance strategy.

  • Communicate quickly and easily by posting community news items that are delivered directly to your residents via email or text.
  • Keep community events safe by limiting the number of attendees and how many spots a resident can reserve for each event.
  • Custom liability waivers can be created for each of your amenity locations, as well as each event.
  • Upload timely documents that protect your community and residents by clearly outlining the most up to date regulations and guidelines in place in your area.