LifestyleLink Community Portal Amenity Reservation Features

Every homeowner appreciates having access to the amenities offered by their neighborhood. These reservations make it simpler for our homeowners, whether it's at the gym or at the community pool. Management teams can find it difficult to approve and make these reservations at times. To assist management teams in approving and viewing all of these requests at once, LifestyleLink has created the ultimate facility reservation workflow.

We recognize that 2020 was difficult; going forward, we want to assist management teams in supporting homeowner health and safety. As a result, we added a new feature to Facility Reservations that allows for Social Distancing. Managers can now set a cap on how many homeowners can reserve tickets for an at any given time, assisting management in staying on top of demands and ensuring the safety of the whole group.

Limit Event and Amenity Location Reservations at Your Community

For managers, there is the ability to control amenity reservations for group and private events. This is a fantastic feature that will save managers time and effort by allowing them to approve or reject requests. With this feature turned, homeowners can book a room, date, and time and the request is sent automatically for approval without having to call or visit the community manager.

The LifestyleLink community portal allows homeowners to make and cancel event reservations at any time. To ensure that no homeowner monopolizes spaces at an amenity location or even, homeowners may purchase or reserve the amount of tickets available set by the community manager.

Interested in implementing this feature in your community? Connect with a LifestyleLink today, and learn how our community portal can benefit your homeowners!