Make the Most of Your Community Calendar

Planning community events can present challenges for community managers, residents, and HOA boards. It's difficult enough to get a small group or club together, let alone an entire community. Many further challenges have been added as a result of the pandemic, necessitating more planning from board members and community administrators. Masks, social distancing, infrastructure, zoom calls, and website connections are just a few of the challenges and pressures that many organizations are facing today as they work to put these events together.

Calendars allow people to plan ahead and make the most of their time! Monthly meetings, barbecues, yard sales, and committee get-togethers can all be planned months ahead of time to give homeowners a better chance of attending. Using software with a calendar feature, such as LifestyleLink, can help promote community activities. When associations used calendar-specific resources in the past, they saw an improvement in attendance, homeowner awareness, and usability.

Some benefits of community calendars include:

• Quick accessibility for homeowners and board members

 • Managers may quickly delete, schedule, and reschedule activities

• Calendars inside group portals are easy to access

This provides homeowners with a seamless forum for learning more about the association! (For example, meetings, amenity reservations, community records, and so on.)

While various communities in the United States have different COVID-19 regulations and protocols, we encourage you to follow the CDC guidelines and make the best use of these resources and accessible amenities to the best of your association's capacity.

These calendars are an excellent resource for organizing group zoom calls. These types of meetings are a perfect alternative to meeting in person for many people who want to avoid publicity and managers who want to keep homeowners safe.

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