LifestyleLink Helps HOA Boards Communicate with Active Adults

You and your neighbors on the homeowners’ association board have come to a difficult decision. Maybe you need to increase assessments, change a regulation, or even sell a community facility. How do you get the word out? LifestyleLink makes it easy for HOA boards to communicate with the members of their active adult facilities and receive and respond to resident feedback.

Board members for homeowners’ associations and condo associations sometimes have to make big changes within their community. One LifestyleLink community board recently decided it would need to sell one of the shared facility buildings to free up funds for other services. It was a big decision, and it didn’t come easily. But once it was made, the HOA board faced another challenge: how to get the word out to its members and respond to their questions and concerns. LifestyleLink had the answers.

Email and Text Notifications Get Important Information to HOA Members Their Way

LifestyleLink gives administrators, including active adult community staff and HOA board members, the power to push out notifications to all community members at once. Residents can control how they receive content including community news, events, and forum posts. They can set each type to receive them as text, email, or both.

If something is truly urgent, the HOA board or community administrator can send emergency notifications regardless of the residents’ notification settings. They can also set the information to appear on the community’s home page.

For LifestyleLink’s HOA customer, when it came time to get the word out about the sale of the community facility, an administrator could use software’s community directory to issue an announcement to members in ways they were most likely to see based on their preferences.

Keep Important Announcements Top-of-Mind With “Sticky” News Items

One of the core features of LifestyleLink is a member portal that each resident can use to keep up with what’s going on in the community. When an HOA board has an announcement to make, it can post a news item that will appear in every member’s news feed. If the post is important, an administrator can mark the post as “sticky”. That will make it stick to the top of the news feed, even as newer posts, events, and other information get added.

LifestyleLink’s HOA customer could craft an announcement about the potential sale of the community property. That announcement could include the date and time for meetings to discuss the change, and a link to a community forum where members can express their questions and concerns. Because it is “sticky” the announcement won’t get lost in the news feed or get marked as spam in members’ email boxes.

HOA Boards Can Engage with Community Members Through Online Forums

LifestyleLink also contains the ability to create dedicated discussion forums around important topics and issues. These forums can be available to the entire membership, private to the HOA board, or connected with one of the facility’s groups or events. These discussion boards allow anyone with access to post and respond to comments in real time. For HOA board members, it can provide a space to engage with community members before and after a big decision. That way they can receive input and respond to the community’s questions and concerns.

LifestyleLink’s HOA client could create a dedicated discussion forum specifically on the issue of the sale of the community building. It could open this forum in advance of the HOA meeting and allow community members to post comments for the board’s consideration. HOA board members could also make themselves available online at specific times to respond to residents’ questions, providing open communication and transparency to the community association’s process.

LifestyleLink is a powerful tool for community administrators and HOA Board members, making it easier to connect with and respond to their members. It is available to active adult communities across the country. With three tiers of features, you can customize the software to fit your needs, and your facility. Contact a LifestyleLink representative for a tour of the software