5 Ways Active Adults Can Make the Most of Summer

For many active adults, summer is the best time of the year. With the warm weather, and grandkids out of school, seniors can find a variety of ways to stay active and connected. And LifestyleLink can help.

1.Plan an Outing with Your Neighbors

Summer is a great time to go canoeing, hike in the woods, or visit antique stores. But many seniors avoid taking trips because they don’t want to travel alone. LifestyleLink’s resident portal can help bring like-minded members together who would be interested in joining your outing. You can connect with facilities managers and staff who can help you plan the outing. Then together you can create a calendar event and allow neighbors to register to come along for the ride.

2. Join a Summer Reading Discussion Group

If mobility is an issue, you can join in on the enjoyable summer activities your community has to offer right from your computer. Many active adult communities offer summer reading groups that come together weekly over a good book. With LifestyleLink, you don’t even have to get to the community center to take part in these discussions. Online discussion groups give you and your fellow readers a place to compare notes as you read, and come together virtually to chat about your experiences.

3.Have Your Grandkids Over for a Visit

The start of summer also means your grandkids are on vacation. A visit with grandma or grandpa can create memories, share family traditions, and teach kids to connect with another generation. Most active adult communities are happy to welcome your grandkids when they visit. You can use LifestyleLink to check on your community’s rules about the length of the stay, and find special events that could catch your little ones’ interests.

4.Start a Community Garden

Many active adults are looking for ways to give back. LifestyleLink can facilitate communications between staff and residents to start a community garden and grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers to brighten your neighbors’ day. You and your gardening team can then use a discussion board and calendar to coordinate planting and watering schedules, so everyone knows their part of the project.

5.Get Active with a Community Exercise Program

Physical fitness becomes more important as you age. LifestyleLink can help you explore the exercise program options your community offers. Depending on your facility, you can sign up for classes or schedule meeting with a personal trainer or dietary coach.

There are many ways active adults can make the most of summer in their senior communities. LifestyleLink’s online residents’ portal puts access to those activities at your fingertips so you can enjoy everything summer in an active adult community has to offer.

LifestyleLink is a community management software for active adult communities. If you want to provide useful tools to your members including forums, event scheduling, and invoicing, contact a LifestyleLink representative for a tour of the software.