About Us

LandArc was founded in 1985 as a manager for condominium associations. In 1992 the company was purchased by Gar Liebler. Under his direction, LandArc grew from a staff of three with a small portfolio of properties to become the second-largest condominium and HOA management company in Michigan. LandArc now has a staff of over 50 employees and has operations in Michigan, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

In the late ‘90s, LandArc began to offer a customized management service specific to developers, helping them to establish healthy associations and ensure smooth transitions to homeowner control. As a result, LandArc is the largest manager for builders and developers in the state of Michigan. The growth of the business has come from the recognition by national developers of the value of LandArc’s uniquely superior management system.

LandArc’s “ground-up” approach to association management includes involvement from the project inception, which allows developers to draw upon our management experience to set up governing documents, project cash flow requirements, increase customer satisfaction and reduce liability exposure. In addition, LandArc’s team-based approach avoids the common problems of burnout and employee turnover that plague the traditional industry model of association management.

This system is just as valuable for homeowner-controlled communities, which is attested by a retention rate of over 90% of the communities we manage through the turnover process. (This figure is based on retaining a property for 2 or more years beyond the turnover date.)

In addition to association management, LandArc’s services include construction management, general contracting, maintenance, landscaping, satellite television solutions and insurance claim handling and adjustment. Our staff includes licensed insurance and real estate professionals as well as architectural and legal experts. This diversity is the result of our commitment to provide the best value by combining excellent customer care, advanced technology and proactive management services.